From anywhere in the world, welcome to one of the jewels of the Mediterranean. Marine Reserve, for its excellent quality and biodiversity of its flora and fauna, the Island of Tabarca opens its arms to you to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

Our accommodation is located in one of the most privileged places on the island and we have extensive facilities and spaces full of light, all exterior, with terraces from which to contemplate the crystalline and blue waters that make up the marine reserve.

Come and enjoy with us a unique and special space, where tranquility and beauty are the norm. In our establishment we not only offer a fantastic accommodation, but an experience that we are sure you will not forget.

The rooms are located within a semi-detached building complex. From the bedrooms you have access to large terraces and from some of them you can enjoy wonderful views and unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. The accommodation has a lounge, cafeteria and terrace for common use located on the ground floor.